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Need a Healing for Yourself or a Loved One?

Let our Red Lenten Blanket be your Point of Contact as you Begin to Pray and Believe God for your Healing!

This unique novelty gift will bless all who receive it, this Lenten Season! The 'GODLY' message, on all of our Lenten Blankets, will be forever cherished by Christians around the world! Its message is for everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and believe in the Power of the Blood of Jesus! 

"What can wash away your sin? Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS!"

Our Roll-up Fleece Blanket is RED and measures 53" x 48"! This polyester fleece blanket has matching-color stitching and a web handle, making it easy to carry! The space-saving design is perfect to travel with on plane, train, or car! At home, you can cover yourself from winter drafts or comfort yourself when you are not feeling well with one of the most powerful Christian declarations there is!

The wording on this blanket will comfort anyone who uses our Red Lenten Blanket as a Point of Contact as they pray and believe God for their healing!

Christians around the world UNDERSTAND and BELIEVE in the POWER of these words!  


**Our special Lenten price: $29.99

I Am Covered With The Blood Of Jesus! Red Blanket

Five years ago, I was listening and looking at one of Pastor Creflo Dollar’s tv sermons. His topic was ’The Power of the Blood of Jesus’. I was raised up as a Catholic and went to Catholic schools all of my life and I had never heard someone elaborate on ‘The Power of the Blood of Jesus’ until I heard Pastor Dollar preach about it! He said that because Jesus’s blood was shed that His Blood washed away ALL of my sins and yours! He said that ‘we have a Blood bought right to be healed; a Blood bought right to be prosperous in our businesses; and a Blood bought to be with Him after death in paradise! Pastor Dollar's sermon enlightened me about who I am and whose I am. In other words, I believe I belong to God and I am one of his beloved daughters, because Jesus shed His precious Blood for me!

His sermon changed my life that day. After this spiritual revelation, I received the passion to promote this idea through my religious novelty business. "I believe that the Red Lenten Blanket is a symbolic item that can be used as a point of contact as you pray and believe God for your Healing! "

It is with passion that I intend to spread this declaration to Christians around the world, because I believe that

"I am covered with the Blood of Jesus!" is one of the most Powerful Declarations that a Christian can declare and believe!

Debby Jupiter

International Marketing Director

Religious Goods By Jupiter

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12 Godly Messages To Live By !

Happy Easter!