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Noni Juice For Pets

Noni for Pets: Top 4 Reasons why your Pet needs Noni

By: Steve Frailey Thursday September 18, 2014

You may have heard about Noni and how it’s beneficial for many health issues that affect humans; but did you know that this amazing fruit has advantages for animals? The healing propensities of Noni fruit are proving to be effective as an anti-parasite remedy, flea and tick preventative, and a promoter of healthy skin.

What is Noni?

Noni is indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australia; however it was introduced to the Pacific Islands, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. This oval shaped fruit goes through different stages as it develops. It starts out green, then yellow and when it turns white it’s ready to be eaten. Historically, the natives used it raw for numerous medicinal purposes. This way they could receive the full benefit of all the nutrients that the fruit had to offer.

Don’t destroy the goodness!

Processing Noni, such as juicing the fruit, will cause it to lose most of its micronutrients. These are the elements that give a boost to the immune system, protect cells from free radicals, relieves pain and helps remove toxins from your body.

Your pet(s) are part of your family, so it’s only natural to feel terrible when they are suffering. Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lavender lotion have been noted for the ability to improve different health problems facing animals. A few of these issues are listed below.

Four reasons your pets need Noni. They include:

* Hip Dysplasia relief: In brief, this condition is caused by lack of proper bone formation or obesity. This leads to pain and inflammation, if not treated it can result in arthritis. The animal is often very uncomfortable and will have problems walking. In severe cases surgery may have to be performed.

* Flea preventative as well as a tick preventative: Flea bites and tick infestations can be annoying to your pets and cause them to manifest allergic reactions. Commercial treatment may not be an option for some animals because the chemicals in some of these products can cause more pain.

* Anti-Parasite treatment: Worms like tape worms, whip worm, round worms can wreak havoc on your pets. These invaders can cause vomiting, weight loss, dry hair, diarrhea and general body malaise for your animals.

*Skin condition healer: Issues such as hot spots, ring worm and mange can result in hair loss and skin inflammation, which can lead to more serious skin irritations.

The good news is that in each one of these cases there is a solution. Holistic veterinarians have found instead of operations, steroids, antibiotics, and traditional drugs, they have found a better way of treating animals with these concerns. And it is utilizing Noni fruit…

These veterinarians are administering unfermented Noni Fruit Leather to animals with joint pain, and are receiving good results. The swelling goes down and the animals can resume their natural energy levels. They’re also seeing how these organic treats are flea preventatives and tick preventatives. Veterinarians have found that by feeding animals Noni Fruit Leather, fleas and ticks leave the host animal freeing them of itching and scratching.

In fact Hawaiian Organic Noni farmer, Steve Frailey says: “My 9 year old dog eats Noni Fruit Leatherevery day and never had a flea or tick. He behaves like a 9 year old puppy.” Noni Fruit Leather is also an anti-parasite cure. When animals were given Noni Fruit Leather parasites and worms leave the animals body in several days. All negative symptoms cease allowing your pet to live parasite free. After using the Noni Lavender Lotion, irritating skin conditions cleared up. The animals stopped their excessive scratching and gnawing at their hot spots.

As you can see Noni fruit can be used to help all types of conditions found in dogs, cats, horses, goats, and more. Noni in its natural raw unfermented state can provide your pet(s) as well as you and your family with an amazing healthy snack. Adding Noni fruit to your pet's diet can prevent common illnesses and irritating conditions. Overall it will enhance their well-being and your pet will be healthier.